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NO Nagging…

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No NaggingBAM! Husbands, you can thank me in DSW coupons for this one. Wives, it took me a while to really catch on to this CC’s Pieces, but I think I’ve got it down now!NAG. NAG. NAG. This 3 – letter word wreaks havoc on so many marriages and unfortunately ladies, we’re usually the culprit. Yes, we only mean well. BUT nagging ends up doing more harm than good (blame it on how God hardwired men). What ends up happening is we push our husbands further into the very habit we’re trying to get him to change. So how do I stop this vicious cycle, you ask? {YOU LEAD BY ACTION}

My Lesson : I nagged Mr. Sutton daily about working out with me. He wanted to go at his own pace, but I wanted him to go at turbo speed with me. He grew weary of me nagging, and I grew weary of nagging him. I prayed and prayed that God would change him, but then it dawned on me: I was praying the wrong prayer. Truthfully, I was frustrated with the fact that I was struggling with losing weight, not really with Tristen.

So I changed my prayer and asked God to help me focus on my own weight loss, and I would trust Him to do the same with Tristen. From that day forward, I didn’t mention anything about the gym to him anymore. I worked out daily, changed my eating habits, and now one year later, I’m down 30+ pounds.

And guess who’s in the gym more now and eating healthier?